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Attack is the best form of defence

We help company to get ready for the next attack. We can help you find vulnerabilities in your systems.

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A French company



Ballpoint is a company focus on cybersecurity, mainly pentest (penetration testing).

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Put your systems to the test



Expert in offensive security, we offer intrusion tests and audits, to help you assess and strengthen your security.

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We bring real expertise during our audits, to go further than a simple technical report.


Professional listed on is a system set up by the French government to help victims of cyber-maliciousness, to inform them about digital threats and how to protect against them.

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Membre du Startup Program OVHCloud

L'écosystème OVHcloud comprend une grande variété de startups et de partenaires, prêts à accompagner les clients dans les défis technologiques actuels et futurs. Elle le fait en donnant à ses clients les moyens d'innover et de développer leur propre avantage concurrentiel.

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Your safety, our priority

Our security offers

We are determined to leave businesses and their employees better off - safer, more aware and better prepared for the future.

💻 Pentest

Application intrusion test (web, API, mobile, thick-client...), internal, or even external intrusion test.

🕵️ Red Team

Simulation of a realistic attack aimed at challenging the blue team. All methods can be considered: phishing, exploitation of an external flaw, physical intrusion...

🎣 Phishing

Test your employees with realistic phishing campaigns, while respecting ethical rules

📖 Configuration Audit

Test the configuration of your cloud environments or your application deployments.

🌐 Architecture audit

Based on a documentary study and possibly interviews with the people in charge. The architecture audit makes it possible to test the defense in depth, the management of flows...

🔍 Incident response

We help companies that have suffered an breach. The digital investigation (forensic) makes it possible to collect and analyze evidence of an attack and understand the path of attack or support legal action.

🧑‍🏫 Trainings

Educate your employees on the importance of computer security or your developers on secure development.

🚀 Security projects

You have a project but you don't know how to integrate security? Want to test your security but don't know where to start? Contact us!

A question ? A cybersecurity issue ?

We can help you find a solution

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